My Self-Care Routine

  1. I bike or walk every day, preferably outside unless it is FREEZING and/or SNOWING.
  2. I take: a multivitamin, B 12, D, Fish Oil, Methylated Folic Acid, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc. Other products I’ve taken in the past are: Relax-Max and NAC.
  3. Mindful Meditation as needed  (Headspace App is what I’m into now, but it changes).
  4. Stay mindful of any avoidant behaviors.
  5. Use behavioral activation when feeling low or blue.
  6. Journaling my feelings as needed.
  7. Read self help books (see my latest book review).
  8. Cognitive challenging and labeling when my thoughts start to cause prolonged distress.
  9. Talk openly with my closest friends and family about stress in my life.
  10. Turning to my spouse and family when I need comfort.
  11. Keep a mindful balance of work, school, and home—take days off for self care!
  12. Weekly Acupuncture and, in the past, Chinese herbs.
  13. As needed “tune-ups” with my amazing CBT therapist.